Lasse Olsson har lång erfarenhet av inredning och belysning för offentliga miljöer och ett vaket öga för arkitektur, design och konst. Som fotograf ger det honom unika kunskaper och han har skapat ett intressant koncept där tillverkare av inredning och belysning kan prenumerera på hans arkivbilder av miljöer och produkter.

I många år har vi hjälpt till med texter på svenska och engelska. Ett regelbundet uppdrag är att textredigera och översätta de fantastiskt vackra och läsvärda nyhetsbrev  han regelbundet skickar ut till sina kunder.

Lasse Olsson Nyhetsbrev

Kort utdrag ur den engelska översättningen: 

A photographer’s look at the Furniture Fair in Stockholm
One early morning an hour before the fair officially opened, the clouds reflecting in the rising sun’s warm colors gave a preview of what would appear on the inside. The atmosphere was good and quality was high, both in the booths and the products. But to fully understand why it often required that one stepped deeper into the booth and took part in the history and the technology behind it.

First came the Waterloo park sofa
To the right of the locomotive, there’s a park bench with two front sides by Jesper Ståhl & Karl Malmvall. The backrest can be turned so that you either face the road or the view, with the sun on your back or in your face. From there the idea for the Byarums Bruk booth grew. The sofa is inspired by Waterloo Station in London, so the booth was given a station theme, developed in collaboration with stylist and designer Synnöve Mork. The locomotive and narrow track (width 60 cm) were borrowed from the Ohsbanan Railway Museum in Sweden’s Småland province. The locomotive weighs 4 tons and was transported into the hall with a crane truck a couple of days before all the booths began to be built around it.