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Doing business online is all about building trust and making it easy for your customers to make quick decisions. But in order to make a purchase, customers need to understand the true value of choosing your company’s products and services  over others on a crowded market. Value is best communicated through clear and concise offers. And it also helps you get to know your customers better – what excites them, what makes them want to push that all important “BUY” button.

The simple way to offer less and gain more

To understand what your customers really need and want means finding out WHAT IS NOT OFFERED on the market. You then need to figure out a way for your product/service to fill in that gap. The next trick is to create an offer with a value that they just can’t resist. Heard that one before? OK, but this time, try doing it in a different way that both parties will BENEFIT from AT THE SAME TIME. Here’s how you can GAIN MORE by OFFERING LESS.

Benefits for your CUSTOMERS with a small offer

1. Try to think of some NEW WAYS that your product/service can SOLVE PROBLEMS on different levels for your customers.
2. Make a TEMPTING OFFER based on your product/service that CREATES VALUE for your customers. THINK SMALL but be sure to make the offer attractive enough to pay for.
3. People like conversations, and your customers are people. Try different angles of communicating with them in a more personal tone. Don’t wait, do it NOW and do it OFTEN!

Benefits for you COMPANY with a small offer

1. Looking for ways to SOLVE PROBLEMS helps you test and develop your product/service while you learn to see things from your customers’ point of view.
2. A SMALL OFFER helps you gather important information regarding what people really like and how much they are willing to pay. If it sells, it works!
3. Marketing several small offers allows you to COMMUNICATE with your buying customers more regularly. It also helps to build a STRONGER RELATIONSHIP.

Hard to find the time? Don’t know where to start? Wondering about how to phrase your offer? Just let us know, we’re here to help.