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Text agency in Swedish and English

Beep is a communications agency that writes, edits and translates texts in Swedish and English for communication and content marketing with a focus on sustainability.

We help companies to create commercial and editorial content that captures the target group’s interest throughout their purchase process. It makes it easier for buyers to find, get to know and choose to do business with our clients.

Vision. We strive to make the world a better place by contributing to communication that creates long-term added value for people.

Mission. We help companies to develop and articulate their message to the outside world so that they succeed in strengthening their social commitment and achieving their goals.

Our clients. As freelance writers and translators, we work directly with the company’s marketing department or management. In many cases, we also work in close cooperation with the company’s advertising agency, web agency or production agency. And we write articles for different types of magazines.

Dedicated, efficient och experienced writers

Dedicated. We only undertake assignments in which we are in accord with the company’s vision, core values and goals. We encourage clients to have a plan for their sustainability work and social commitment in place.

Efficient. We see to that the job gets done within the agreed time frame. It simplifies our client’s everyday working life.

Experienced. We have extensive experience working with a variety of companies and industries. For each assignment, we obtain new knowledge that we share with our clients.

Sustainable consumption and production

The countries of the world have adopted Agenda 2030 which, through UN’s 17 Global Goals, will lead to sustainable development. To help create a better society we all need to use our expertise.

As communicators, we have chosen to work with GOAL 12, which reduces the negative impact on the climate, the environment and human health by utilizing resources as efficiently as possible.

Our focus is Target 12.6, encouraging companies to build their communication on sustainability reporting as proof of their values and social commitment.

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Maria Lindberg Howard

Texts in Swedish

All communication is based on conversations and relationships between individuals with the desire to listen, understand and help each other. As a writer my guiding principle is “serendipity”. Only when we dare to try new ways and are open to the unexpected, will we find valuable solutions. I will help you with writing and editing texts in Swedish and translating from English to Swedish.

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Mail: maria (at) beep.se
Tel: +46 (0)708-85 05 28

Roger Howard

Texts in English

Market communication is a two-way-street. If you want to reach people, first of all you need to give them a good reason to want to reach you. To make a message shine through, focusing on the readers always comes first. And when you are doing an oral presentation in English, make it interesting enough to listen to. I will help you with writing and editing in English and translations from Swedish to English.

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Mail: roger (at) beep.se
Tel: +46 (0)708-85 05 26