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How are you keeping up with customer relations?

We all know that B2B customer relationships must be maintained along the entire purchasing process. Unfortunately, this type of recurring in-between sales work often ends up being put aside. If the job doesn’t get done, you risk losing contact with your customers, giving the competition a dangerous advantage.

Get the job done with a text package

From time to time you may need some help with different types of text. Should the need suddenly arise during an ongoing project, having easy access to writers will help you and your colleagues in the marketing department move forward. With our convenient text packages, you subscribe to our text services, and get quick help with writing, editing and translating texts in Swedish and English. It pays off compared to buying a couple of hours from time to time.

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  • Writing (Swedish/English)
  • Editing (Swedish/English)
  • Translations (Swedish/English)

Our text packages include extra hours

Our text packages are prepaid, and accounted for via time sheets on a regular basis. It saves you tedious administration to keep track of recurring work or smaller text tasks, making it easy for you to maintain the marketing budget. A text package includes 10% extra time, at no additional cost. So it’s also a good deal.

Here we have found copywriters who work effectively and are extremely accommodating and flexible. Texts are always interpreted in the right way and they have found a tone of voice that suits our company well. We also get great help with English translations. To us, using text packages is the best way to work, and we can heartily recommend Beep.
Jesper Börresen

CMO, KS Projekt

Text package

Need help to shorten your to-do list?

We help you with writing, editing or translating texts in Swedish and English. Our text packages include 10% additional time at no extra cost. Need help with both writing, editing and translations? Let us know and we will put together a custom text package to suit your needs.

Examples of text packages

Time: 10 hrs + 1 hr (at no extra cost)
Write: SEK 12,000 + VAT
Edit/translate: SEK 8,000 + VAT

Time: 20 hrs + 2 hrs (at no extra cost)
Write: SEK 24,000 + VAT
Edit/translate: SEK 16,000 + VAT

Time: 30 hrs + 3 hrs (at no extra cost)
Write: SEK 36,000 + VAT
Edit/translate: SEK 24,000 + VAT

Time: 40 hrs + 4 hrs (at no extra cost)
Write: SEK 48,000 + VAT
Edit/translate: SEK 32,000 + VAT

Examples of texts
Product sheet
Web texts

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