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Text editing in Swedish and English

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Text editing increases readability

For inexperienced writers, it may be difficult to convert thoughts to text. The message can easily get entangled with long sentences, difficult words and unnecessary repetition. With text editing, we remove difficult and superfluous words, shorten long sentences and give the text a more personal appeal. All the things that make it more readable.

Great web texts help people find your company

On the Internet we are usually looking for quick information, so web texts must be clear. Simply cutting and pasting different types of texts from brochures and annual reports and posting them on your website does not work. In great web texts the essence of the message is always short to the point and easy to understand. And sub-headlines help to structure the content so that readers quickly find what they are looking for.

Content marketing requires customized texts

Working with content marketing involves a lot of writing, so you must think smart! Many of the texts that are developed for content marketing can be edited and customized for different channels. A customer case can be edited into a newspaper article; the content of a digital newsletter can be divided into different social media posts. And so on.


On several occasions I have had the pleasure of hiring Beep for text editing. They have always been quick and helpful, and above all, have delivered very good and professional results. Several times we have presented what we thought was a finished text and they have surprised us by showing how much better it can be with a little professional text editing. We have been helped with both marketing texts and manuals, and have always been very pleased with the results.

Jp Gardshol

Managing Director, TLab West

For many years, and for different companies, I have used Beep for text editing and English translations of sales letters, websites, newsletters etc. For me, it saves time and my texts become readable with proper language for my target group. I write quickly without polishing the details, I describe the message, talk about who the recipient will be, and what is important. What they send back is something that I am proud to send out. Moreover, they’re fast! If you do not have a text partner, or want someone better, choose Beep!

Lasse Olsson

Photographer, Lasse Olsson Photo

Text editing

What do you need help with?

We write, edit and translate commercial and editorial texts in English and Swedish for different media and target groups.

Company presentation
Customer case
Product sheet

Editing on 3 levels 

When you leave a text for editing, think about WHAT it is you want to change, HOW you want it to be changed and, more importantly, WHO the intended reader is. The result will always be better with a clear specification. We work with text editing on three levels:

LEVEL 1 – Text Trimming
Misspellings and mistakes
Choice of words and sentence structure

LEVEL 2 – Text Processing
Misspellings and mistakes
Choice of words and sentence structure
Tone of voice, active or passive voice
Introduction and subheadings

LEVEL 3 – Text Adaptation
Misspellings and mistakes
Choice of words and sentence structure
Tone of voice, active or passive voice
Headline, introduction and subheadings
Content and text structure
Purpose and goal

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We write, edit and translate texts in Swedish and English for communication and content marketing with a focus on sustainability.

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The work with the company’s everyday communication never ends. Web texts need to be updated, newsletters must be composed and company presentations need translation. These assignments often end up on multiple tables – or worse, fall through the cracks. Subscribe to our text services and get the job done!

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