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A green perspective on the world

We all know that the business community’s utilization of the earth’s resources has a negative impact on the climate, the environment, and human health. The transition to responsible production and consumption of goods and services is necessary in order to create a sustainable world.

In an economy based on sustainable production and consumption, employment, competitiveness, and growth increase. To show how the business through ecological, social, and economic sustainability contributes to sustainable development makes the company’s values visible. It strengthens the brand and engages employees. And it inspires others!

We want to contribute to sustainable societal benefits

As writers and communicators, we have made a choice. We work with people and organizations who want to contribute to sustainable societal benefits and who share our efforts to create a circular economy. Of the UN’s 17 global goals within Agenda 2030, we focus on GOAL 12, which promotes sustainable consumption and production. We do this in two ways:

  1. We encourage companies to get started with and report on their sustainability work.
  2. We disseminate information to increase awareness and knowledge about sustainable lifestyles.

Our own sustainability work 

Collaboration: We act professionally and with integrity to build long-term relationships with customers, partners, colleagues, and stakeholders. Through dialogue, we push the sustainability work forward and want to inspire our clients and partners to contribute to the benefit of society together with us.

Purchasing: We buy products and services with a low environmental impact and reuse, repair, and sell or donate equipment we no longer use. As far as we can, we buy second-hand.

Resources: We use renewable/green electricity, strive for low energy consumption, and recycle and sort waste at the source. The accounting is automated and documentation and storage is primarily done digitally. In order to reduce the Internet’s climate footprint, we review our websites to make them sustainable and encourage clients and partners to do the same.

Travel: We work from our home office and to avoid unnecessary travel, most meetings and interviews are held online or by phone. For local meetings in Stockholm, we walk or go by public transport. For longer journeys, we strive for a climate-smart and economically sustainable mode of transport. If we have to fly, the trip will be compensated for climate change, and we will, as far as possible, choose direct flights and airlines with modern aircraft.


Thank you for helping us help others!

In order to create a sustainable world, EVERYONE must work together. More businesses need to extend a hand across industry boundaries and find new ways to cooperate. As communicators, we also want to support startups and help small companies with a smaller budget to develop. Therefore, we devote part of our time to help them with the communication around their sustainability work. We see that as an investment for a better future for all of us. So when you buy our services, you contribute to the realization of new sustainable ideas. Thanks!


What do you need help with?

We write, edit and translate commercial and editorial texts in Swedish and English for different media and target groups. Here you can see examples of projects and read text excerpts.

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