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Sustainability communication in Swedish and English

Sustainability communication builds better societies

Today CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is a matter of course and more and more companies add CSV (Creating Shared Value). It requires an outside perspective where the company regards itself as a natural part of society and takes a greater responsibility to contribute positively beyond the core business.

True long-term value is built on common basic principles and an active engagement in the community. When these issues become part of the business strategies, it increases the company’s competitiveness in a global market.

Communicate your sustainability work

Sustainability reporting has become a legal requirement for larger companies. More and more small and medium-sized companies are also starting to see sustainability work as an important and profitable way to strengthen the brand.

Today, 2 out of 3 purchase decisions are made based on particular values and consumers want to know what the companies they do business with stand for. Companies that work actively with sustainability in their communication increase their credibility and in turn attract more loyal customers. This also provides opportunities for new business ideas.

Support responsible consumption and production

Through education, people can acquire new values, knowledge and skills that substantially contribute to sustainable development. Clear communication and easily accessible information facilitates responsible and sustainable choices of products and services.

This leads to a more circular economy with the goal that everything – from extraction and production to consumption and recycling – will consume less resources.

Companies become social heroes by:

  1. Turning sustainability reporting into interesting content.
  2. Placing the company into a larger context in its communication
  3. Listening to the target group to develop the operation.
  4. Having clear values that permeate the entire organization.
  5. Spreading their communication in all channels for a wider outreach.

To contribute to a sustainable development, we have chosen GOAL 12Responsible consumption and production – of the UN’s 17 Global Goals. Our focus is on TARGET 12.6 where we encourage companies to build their communication on their sustainability work.

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As proud members of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce we participate in a wide variety of events to support a healthy growth of the capital region in Sweden.

We also manage the business network COMMUNICATION & SALES which arranges monthly meetings to discuss communication issues from a globalization, urbanization, digitization and automation perspective.

We write, edit and translate texts in Swedish and English for communication, content and storytelling with a focus on sustainability.

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