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Vi skriver, redigerar och översätter texter på svenska och engelska, som den här…

Kundtidning – översättning, engelska texter. Sigicom arbetar med egenutvecklade lösningar för vibrationsmätningar och bullerkontroll under varumärket INFRA. Vi hjälper till med att översätta och redigera texter på engelska till kundtidningen INFRA Management News.

Kort utdrag ur texten:

Calibration – a foundation in Sigicom’s service concept. No blasting in sensitive areas without vibration measurement and no vibration measurement without calibrated instruments. This goes without saying for serious consultants and blasting contractors, and it is a fundamental principle for Sigicom as quality suppliers of measurement systems. The same applies to all proposed measurement of shock waves, crack movements etc.

Sigicom has many years experience and calibration manager, Torbjörn Rehnström, enjoys working in his well equipped calibration lab, which fulfills the high demands placed on the calibration procedures. Temperatures in the lab are held at a constant 23ºC +/- 2º, so that the calibration instruments are not influenced by variations in temperature. Calibration routines are computerized and therefore follow exact procedures with no risk of influenced variations.

All reference instruments are in turn calibrated by an accredited lab. This means that it is important that the so called traceability is maintained. Calibrations are documented in a database and can easily be called up, for example, by a contractor checking on a mishap in connection with a blast and measurements are questioned.