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Vi skriver, redigerar och översätter texter på svenska och engelska, som den här…

Företagspresentation – Adaption (målgruppsanpassad översättning) från svenska till engelska samt textredigering på engelska. Martin & Servera är specialister inom restaurang och storkök. Man erbjuder en mängd olika tjänster och produkter till kunder av alla storlekar – från kvarterskrogen eller det lilla caféet till restaurangkedjor och storkök. Företaget har fyra verksamhetsområden: restaurangdistribution, specialistföretag, cashverksamhet och restaurangtjänster.

Efter fusionen av Martin Olsson & Servera R & S i januari 2012 behövde man få ut information om Martin & Servera-gruppen. Vi fick i uppdrag av kommunikationsbyrån Lewander & Co att adaptera txterna från svenska till engelska. En adaption är en målgruppsanpassad översättning där innehållet delvis redigeras för att bättre motsvara de nytillkomna läsarnas förkunskaper och informationsbehov.

Kort utdrag ur texten:

Corporate responsibility is an integral part of Martin & Servera’s company culture. This means that we work with a long-term, ongoing environmental and quality management plan. This involves all parts of our business and all of our suppliers. This provides you, as a customer, security and business advantages.

We are large enough to make a difference. We affect many people on several levels. Therefore, corporate responsibility is an integral part of our operations. Martin & Servera considers major issues on environmental and animal concerns. We work systematically and long-term on important issues such as quality assurance and social responsibility along with our suppliers. We act in accordance with a clear code of conduct, by which we carry out authorized audits of our suppliers – and in turn their suppliers as well.

Quality assurance is an ongoing process. The environmental requirements in our business are high, and the same goes for our suppliers and their products. We are working to reduce environmental impact, energy consumption and efficiency of logistics and inventory management. Food safety is another important area. The entire flow of goods – from receipt to delivery to the customer – undergoes a broad and rigorous chain of control measures.

Responsible business creates many different kinds of added value. What is good for the environment is also good for business. With Martin & Servera as a business partner, you can feel secure in your work and in your relationships with your guests. Having a supplier with a long term commitment to environmental, quality and social responsibility can also be crucial, for example, in a quote for a large catering order or in the negotiation of a restaurant operation with property owners. As a customer and a supplier to Martin & Servera, you are part of a positive force for change that makes a difference in the quest for a sustainable future.

Did you know that we challenge our suppliers to think smart on environmental and social responsibility issues? As Sweden’s leading restaurant and food service specialist, it feels natural to assume responsibility for the development of our industry. As a major player, we can influence more businesses to take a greater role in social responsibility. The contest “Utmaningen” (“The Challenge”) is part of the work.