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I was around in the ancient days, the days before the internet as we know it. I began with the BBS systems. This was the early-mid 1980’s, ok, not really ancient history but if you look at how far things have progressed it sure seems like it. I had a 300 baud modem and would call the host computer and would connect to the system via a terminal program. Looking back, well, it was really primitive. But as a wannabe geek I was hooked.


A quantum leap for mankind
Then came Q-Link (Quantum Link). This was the latest and greatest thing to hit the budding online community and wow, I was knocked out. I was using a 300 baud modem at the time and the first day I signed into Q-Link I knew I had to have more speed. The next day I purchased a 1200 baud modem, 4x faster … wow! Anyway, I found this promotional video for Q-Link from 1986 and it really brought back memories.


PS. It’s kinda funny how the new Windows 8 interface looks a lot like Q-Link. 🙂

Q-Link or Windows 8?

Q-Link or Windows 8?