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Vi skriver, redigerar och översätter texter på svenska och engelska, som den här…

Nyhetsbrev – översättning till engelska. Johnér är en bildbyrå med ett distinkt bildspråk som eftersöks både i Sverige och utomlands. Naturliga människor i naturliga miljöer och det unika ljuset ger bilderna en skandinavisk känsla. Man har tät kontakt med sina kunder och arbetar mycket strukturerat med sitt nyhetsbrev. Vi har fått i uppdrag att sköta översättningarna till engelska i samarbete med Nyemann Communication och deras Nordic team som gör översättningar till danska, norska och finska. Nyfiken på Johnér och deras spännande bildvärld? På deras sajt kan du läsa fler nyhetsbrev. Och varför inte börja prenumerera på nyhetsbrevet?!

Kort utdrag ur texten i nyhetsbrevet (oktober 2014)…


Interview with Swedish Jeppe Wikström, Book publisher and Photographer

Swedish book publishing company Max Ström specializes in high quality photographic books, and was founded in 1994 by Marika Stolpe and Jeppe Wikström. They publish about 20 titles a year, and one of their most high-profile titles is “A Day in the World” featuring photographers around the globe depicting the day of May 15, 2012 from their perspective.    
Max Ström is a publishing company, which successfully publishes photo books. Tell us a little more about what got you started in publishing.
“Both Marika Stolpe and I, who founded the publishing house, are photographers. We discovered that a publisher with a focus on photo books, but that also has a wide appeal was missing on the market. Our first book ever about the Swedish archipelago, was printed in 10 000 copies and sold out in five weeks’ time. That’s when we understood we had come up with something great.”
What ingredients should a really good photo book have, in your opinion?
“A photo book is actually a bit like a piece of music. There must be a cohesive tone. It may be a small sonnet or a powerful symphony – but it must be joined together. Obviously, it’s the pictures and the story that carries the book, but the design is extremely important – as well as the technical issues regarding repro and print.”

What do you think is a photo book’s USP, i.e. unique selling-point?
“Photo books reach people regardless of age, culture, sex or language – that is the real strength of the photo book. I believe that in a time of low-resolution images and printed screenshots there is a great desire for high quality images, both in terms of expression and technique. Photo books also make great gifts – they are something really delightful!”