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Vi skriver, redigerar och översätter texter på svenska och engelska, som den här…

Broschyr om företagsmarknad

Broschyr om den nordiska företagsmarknaden

Broschyr – översättning och redigering, engelska texter. Företaget skulle medverka på en konferens och behövde få hjälp med engelsk översättning av texter om försäkringsmarknaden i Norden för de utländska konferensdeltagarna. Vi hjälpte även till med att ta fram förslag på nya rubriker och fungerade som ett kreativt bollplank för kunden.

Kort utdrag ur texten:

“If you visit a department store in a European country other than your home country, you may find that the range of products and brands is largely consistent with what you would find in a department store in your own town. If you visit a bank branch you’ll recognize the similarity in the product offerings, but the brand is local, normally the same as the office brand. Why are commodity markets so much more international than financial markets? The explanation is probably to be found in the historically strong link between the role as a provider of financial services and the role as the local distributor.

Furthermore, the financial markets have been highly regulated by national legislation. The deregulation of the financial markets since the early 1980’s has led to sector shifts between banking and insurance. Today, banks own insurance companies and insurance companies own banks. One can save for retirement in a bank and have a fund savings account with an insurance company. Deregulation has also given us a more sophisticated financial market for individuals featuring a variety of new pension and life insurance products.”