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All you need for a good night’s sleep

Produktkatalog – översättning och redigering, engelska texter. Hästens är kända för att tillverka världens bästa sängar. Handgjorda in i minsta detalj och med det blå-vitrutiga mönstret som en viktig del av ett omisskännligt varumärke. Vi fick i uppgift att översätta deras produktkatalog från svenska till engelska. En liten nätt historia på nästan 500 sidor (!).

Kort utdrag ur texten:

“People sleep for approximately one third of their lives. Imagine that. You spend perhaps 25 years of your life in bed, far away from the everyday world around you. But don’t think of that as wasted time. The expression ‘to sleep your life away’, is entirely wrong. You sleep for your life.

Sleeping is not an art. You only need to be sufficiently tired. Sleeping well is a bit more difficult, however. Especially if you want to feel refreshed throughout the entire day. Our advice is to choose a Hästens bed.

Of course, we are partial. But we do sleep very well in beds built by hand from cotton, flax, wool, horsehair and Nordic pine, with independent springs that molds to and relieves pressure from the entire body. Try a Hästens bed; you’ll know that we are not just talking through our night cap.”