English Voiceover, Scripts and Subtitles

Voice over gives your image a more personal tone

Videos that say something interesting about the company penetrate more easily through the battle of brand recognition. For the viewer, video is a convenient way to quickly gather information about a new product or service. But don’t forget that the sound is half the experience! We can help you with voice-over services in American English. A native speaker with the correct English pronunciation highlights your company and increases confidence. It gives your image a more personal tone.

We help to create movement in the script

For an announcer to be able to achieve the desired results, it is important that the language in the script has the right vivacity. We can help with editing and translating various types of announcer scripts in Swedish and English with focus on better choice of words, even pacing and a more natural speech pattern. We can also assist with writing, editing and translating subtitles and text plates for company films in Swedish and English.

Need help to polish your script?

How do you do when you give an oral presentation to clients and colleagues? With a good script you will have a firm grasp on what you want to say and avoid losing the thread. The disposition is important, as is the facts you choose to include and how they are presented. What is the purpose of your presentation? Who is the audience? And what message do you want them to take away?

We can help with …

  • Composition
  • Editing
  • Translation

… of your script so that you can focus on your audience.

Our partners

We are pleased to have worked with production companies, communication agencies, webb agencies and content agencies like: Visualize That, Pang Studios, A2, United Film & TV, Animech, Hellbom Film, Tre vänner, Mimo Sound, Moderna Filmer, A-byrån, Impresario, Motion Media Group, Animal, Revide, SJWE, Freberg Production, Karin Grönberg Facilitering.

English voiceover

What do you need help with?

Company presentations
Informational films
Product films
Training films
Order films
Explainer videos

Thanks for the great work Roger!
David Stavenow

Creative Director, (Formerly Animech and United Film & TV)

Great job! You guys are awesome and thanks for the quick delivery time.
Manne and Henrik ...

Animal (formerly The Viral Company)


Scripts & Subtitles



Text samples from “Den Röda Boken” (The Red Book) that we have written and translated.

John Dillinger - Voice sample

by Roger Howard

Port wine - Voice sample

by Roger Howard