As human beings, emotions are very important to all of us. Whenever we make a decision, we’d like to think that we use our heads. Instead we often act on our feelings. That’s why we want relationships with companies that speak to our hearts.

Therefore companies should…

Dare to be inspiring!
Talk about what makes you happy, but also what makes you angry. People will share those emotions with you. We all want to know that we’re not alone in how we are feeling. This makes what you say feel meaningful.

Dare to be vulnerable!
Talk about mistakes you have made and, most of all, what you have learned from them. Let people know how your new knowledge can be of benefit to them. It builds trust. And it makes what you say feel useful.

Always communicate in a way that is truly personal. Everyone enjoys the pleasure of feeling understood. It will help you create meaningful and useful content that encourages others to act.