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How do you maintain contact between purchases?

All B2B companies want to have strong relationships with their customers. True friendship is based on close conversation and a sense of community. What do you feel that the market should know about your company? How do you solve your customer’s problems? As copywriters, we always point to specific customer benefits when highlighting your products and services.

Keep the dialog going with customers

Customers want to be addressed as the unique and intelligent individuals they are. Therefore the copy needs to be communicative and show understanding of their needs. More dialog than monolog. Only then will it awake curiosity. We help you to spread the good word about your business.

Personal appeal strengthens customer relationships

Spread your message through different communication channels and let the recipients choose when and how when they want the information. Whatever channels you use to reach them during their buying process, the text is always there for the readers’ sake. We will help you to create a personal appeal page so that you can continue to build strong customer relationships.

The Jacobi Group has worked with Beep for a number of years on a variety of print and virtual media. Beep is able to rapidly understand the tone, intention and content of the message we wish to convey; efficiently articulate this from a disposition to final text and provide a rapid response to the review process. Using a copywriter in an international company means that the use of language is at the correct level for both native English speakers, and other audiences where it is a second language for many. Without their input, we would be considerably less effective in communicating our business credentials, product information and achieving our marketing objectives. Thank you and long may it continue.
John Lever

Global Product Manager, Jacobi Group


What do you need help with?

We write, edit and translate commercial and editorial texts in Swedish and English for different media and target groups. Here you can see examples of projects and read text excerpts.