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Content writing in Swedish and English

How tasty is your content?

For B2B companies, sales cycles are generally longer and more complex. This makes models like sales funnels and the business buying decision process important tools for planning marketing and sales measures.

But digitalization has transformed customer behavior. Today, they seek information on their own. Often, they have finished a major part of their business buying decision process before the company has even perceived that they are inside the sales funnel. This means that the marketing department’s efforts last much longer and the sales work begins later in the process.

What is your customer’s favorite flavor?

B2B companies that work with content marketing must constantly be able to fill their sales funnel with relevant content based on where the customer is located in the buying decision process. Therefore, a modern combination of the two models could be described as an ice cream cone with ice cream in several flavors that attracts different target groups.

Focus on the yummiest part in the middle

The middle of our ice cream cone holds the content that makes curious, inspired and motivated B2B clients want to learn more about your company. The types of content that works best for converting customers are:

Industry specific whitepapers.
White Papers are fact sheets or e-books that can be downloaded directly from the company’website. Choose a topic that is close to the client’s industry, describe a common situation, or an notorious problem. Be generous with good advice and share knowledge of different solutions.

Company specific customer cases
Client cases describe how your company has developed a solution for a client that has led to results. It inspires potential customers and builds their confidence. Case studies are also a great way to update the web site and stay in contact with customers.

Targeted newsletters
E-mail marketing has great range and can easily be adapted to different audiences. It is fast, cost effective and easy to measure results. Customers who have asked to receive newsletters expect interesting and useful content.

Flavor your company with appetizing storytelling

There are several sources of inspiration that can be turned into interesting content. Many employees have expertise in different areas. And your customers’ efforts to meet their customers’ needs is another topic you can draw from.

Look at their stories as flavors that attract different audiences. Who loves chocolate? Who prefers vanilla? And who absolutely cannot resist strawberry? Anyone who has found their favorite flavor will be coming back for more.

5 steps for effective text work
• Focus on the target group’s needs
• Collect your company’s stories
• Ensure quality of the texts
• Edit and reuse texts
• Build long-term relationships

I collaborated with Beep for several years while I was with Caverion. Among other things, they helped with press releases and articles for the company’s staff magazine. Their help was always superbly adapted to my needs. Project management and interviews with employees and customers were flexibly combined with text production of articles and customer cases, text editing in Swedish as well as English translations. A big plus was Maria’s personality and ability to highlight, engage and involve the people behind the stories. A perfect partner.

Christel Svensson

Former Marketing and Communications Manger, Caverion

What do you need help with?

We write, edit and translate commercial and editorial texts in Swedish and English for owned, earned and paid media and different target groups.


Client case
Company presentation
Press release
Product presentation
Social media
Speaker script
Web content


Portrait article
Trade magazine
Corporate magazine
Client magazine
Member magazine
Staff magazine
Themed magazine

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We write, edit and translate texts in Swedish and English for communication and content marketing with a focus on sustainability.

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