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Important questions about your company’s marketing

As writers, we strive to work closely with you as our client. The more we know about your company, your product or service, the target audience and the purpose and goal of the text, the better the results. It helps us to plan the timing of the project when we leave an offer. We are careful to stick to the time frame and budget, and we want you to be happy.

COPYWRITING – Think of this

The market, company and brand
1. What is the company’s position on the market?
2. What is unique about the company’s offer?
3. What feelings do you want to associate with the brand?

Product or service and the offer
4. Who is the target audience? (If more than one, rank them.)
5. What characteristics distinguish the company from its competitors?
6. What is unique (USP) about the product or service?

Message and arguments
7. What are the main target group’s foremost needs?
8. What three arguments support the message?
9. What facts allow potential customers to feel secure?

Purpose and communication goals
10. Which media is going to be used?
11. What is the main purpose – to strengthen the brand or to increase sales?
12. What do you want your audience to feel, think and do?

EDITING – Think of this

When you leave a text for editing, think about WHAT it is you want to change, HOW you want it to be changed and, more importantly, WHO the intended reader is. The result will always be better with a clear specification. We work with text editing on three levels:

LEVEL 1 – Text Trimming
Misspellings and mistakes
Choice of words and sentence structure

LEVEL 2 – Text Processing
Misspellings and mistakes
Choice of words and sentence structure
Tone of voice, active or passive voice
Introduction and subheadings

LEVEL 3 – Text Adaptation
Misspellings and mistakes
Choice of words and sentence structure
Tone of voice, active or passive voice
Headline, introduction and subheadings
Content and text structure
Purpose and goal

TRANSLATIONS – Think of this

The topic, text complexity and text length (number of words) determine the price and delivery time. Regard translation as a long-term collaboration between you as a client and us as translators. Help us get to know the company, provide us with information on the background and objectives, and give us plenty of time for the project.


  1. Subject (industry and topic)
  2. Communication (purpose and goals)
  3. Target group (specialists or general)
  4. Reference materials (facts and word-lists)

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